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Explaining Fan Forced Refrigeration

May 23

If you have reviewed our various other posts, 'How does a Commercial Fridge work' as well as 'What does 'Ambient Temperature level' indicate?', you currently have a standard understanding of the refrigeration procedure. In the diagram below, stage 1 on the left is where the (highly pressurized as well as warmed) refrigerant gas is pumped via the condenser coil which cools it down and transforms it right into its liquid form before it gets in the fridge or fridge freezer's cabinet (where the food and also drinks are saved). See the full range at

This layout gives an excellent aesthetic description of a fixed cooling system, or one that only uses the ambient temperature level of the space to help cool the cooling agent at this phase. Follower forced fridges and freezers have a fan at this stage to additional assist the gas air conditioning process.

The huge fans literally force air over the radiator which helps cool down the gas and also condense it into its liquid form. Follower forced refrigerators and freezers also normally have big fans inside the cabinet to distribute the chilly air and reduce the temperature level of the components inside the closet much quicker.

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So how do you decide if you should obtain a fan forced fridge or freezer? ... Particularly as their price is always greater than an extra fundamental, fixed cooled system ...

Here are a few inquiries to take into consideration:


What will the ambient temperature of the space where the fridge/freezer is maintained be?


Will the fridge/freezer be opened more than 6 times in any type of 4 hour home window?


Will there be cooling in the room where the fridge/freezer will be kept?

Situation 1:

We need a display screen refrigerator for our active cafe, situated on a highway in Hervey Bay, QLD. The fridge will certainly be located at the front of the shop, dealing with customers. There is air conditioning in the shop however the front doors are always opening and closing as consumers get in and also leave. The fridge will be opened and also shut regularly throughout the day as food is offered.

Remedy: Cake Display - This refrigerator is Fan Forced and is ranked to operate in 38 ° C. It also has warmed glass panels which can be activated or off by a button at the back, the heated glass prevents dampness build-up in hot and/or humid environments

Scenario 2:

I require a storage space fridge freezer to enter a back room which will certainly run quietly and also successfully. The fridge freezer won't be opened greater than a couple of times every day and also I do not care what it looks like. Just that it's trusted, fits with the door of the storage room as well as operates on a regular family 10 Amp plug. The storeroom never ever obtains over approximately 30 ° C, despite having the freezer running.

Remedy: 600L Storage space Freezer with white outside - This fridge freezer is huge, affordable and has a lengthy warranty. It won't be opened and also closed really usually and also does not share a space with any kind of cooking equipment or direct sunshine so never ever needs to work as well tough to keep cool.

Scenario 3:

We have a tiny family members owned individual training studio and also need a simple upright display screen fridge for drinks and some fresh dishes. Not wanting to invest huge dollars as well as the workshop is air conditioned and the refrigerator will certainly be opened as well as shut all throughout the day.

Service: Solitary door upright beverages fridge - These are two fixed cooled down refrigerators but both are very trustworthy and some our most prominent products. They have actually lower installed air conditioning systems to optimize consumers' checking out angles. Both fridges are under $1000, are on castor wheels and operate on a routine house plugs.