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Apr 23


If you have been looking to find a top concrete company located in Bloomington, IN, you are in the best location. We are Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, and we are the primary supplier of premium concrete solutions all over town. You can trust us with any concrete requirements as our team of experts is the most competent and capable in the region.

We are well-known for our unbeatable levels of quality, commitment to providing exceptional customer service and our wide range of services that encompass every aspect of our industry. So, in short, if your goal is to get more value out of concrete, choose us.

About Us

Working in this industry for many years and have made a claim as the most acclaimed team of concrete contractors in Bloomington. Serving commercial and residential customers alike, we enjoy earned a reputation for our ability to satisfy many different needs with optimal quality. We are available to everyone who asks for help and meet each client with absolute dedication and determination.

Our Services

Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are an excellent feature to have in your home. Practical and beautiful driveways can bring an enormous improvement to any property. This is why we're happy to provide our full range of top-quality concrete driveways. We can be your go-to for outstanding new driveway designs and installation and stamped concrete driveways custom-designed according to your personal preferences. In addition, we'll be available for driveway repair or reconstruction. We're committed to ensuring that each of our clients have the best experience possible from their driveways and, therefore, are happy to assist in any way we can.

Concrete Patio

Also when you've made a decision to construct a new concrete patio, we ensure you of our full assistance. In Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, we are experts in what it takes to produce a gorgeous concrete patio that is installed quickly and efficiently. Using an industry-standard ready mix concrete blend which is easy to make a patio of the shape and style that you want, then finishing it off with one of our many wonderful decorative styles. Designing your perfect patio is simple when you work with us. So, give us a call today to share your ideas and plans with us now.

Stamped Concrete & Decorative Concrete

One of the most effective methods to enhance your concrete construction is by incorporating decorative concrete styles. The stylish additions, like stamped concrete, polished concrete, and colored concrete, are a huge improvement for any structure that they are put on. They provide more interest and longevity, which will doubt provide you with more satisfaction in the long longer. That's why you should take note of the gorgeous variety of styles of decorative concrete we have available and choose one for your next project.

Concrete Steps &

Concrete is the best material to use in both structural work and flatwork. Hardwearing, resistant, supportive and easily incorporated in any space, it is ideal as a construction material. We have this in mind when we say that our team provides a wide range of services in this area which include concrete steps, stairways for concrete sidewalks, and even concrete foundation and slab foundation construction. Utilizing the same durable and reliable concrete blend that we are famous for, it is possible to install extremely effective fixtures for plans for development, that have long-lasting performance.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Our wall retaining services are just one case of this. These services allow commercial and residential clients to build terrain in the way that they want. In Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, we put our tools to the fullest use to meet clients' requirements regardless of what their goals are. So, whether you're looking for industrial retaining structures to enhance an infrastructure construction project or want to improve your landscape with attractive walls, we are able to help you accomplish it. Contact us to discuss the scope of your project and we will be able to implement it for you.

Epoxy Garage Floor

If you're planning to use concrete to attain your goals in concrete garage floors, concrete floor coatings for garages, or epoxy garage flooring bet we're up for the task. Our team makes epoxy floor coatings available for most effective use for our customers helping them create the most durable, resistant, and more appealing installations. A garage floor made of epoxy is always superior to a simple polished concrete floor that will allow you to get the most value from it for longer. So, if you often make it to your house or vehicle in the garage, upgrading your floor may be a smart plan of action.

Contact Us Today

Whatever you intend to accomplish with concrete,, you can always know that we'll be there for you. As far as Bloomington concrete companies are concerned we are the best and promise you top-quality customer service. So do not hesitate to contact us at Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, and we will always deliver the best.

Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co

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